【WEB開催】連続市民講座、今年もはじまります HPI Public Lecture Series in AY2021

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WEB開催 連続市民講座「広島発の平和学」

HPI Public Lecture Series

The Hiroshima Peace Institute (HPI) has been holding lecture series for citizens on social issues broadly related to peace including on wars and conflicts. It is a popular program typically attracting more than 100 attendees each session, and is held downtown in Hiroshima City on weekday evenings to make it convenient for the general public. Additionally, a public lecture series in English, in which international researchers at the HPI present their research, is held every winter at the Satellite Campus of Hiroshima City University (Otemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima).

You can find information on the contents of the HPI Public Lecture Series since 2002 here.

Unfortunately, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infectious disease in 2020, we were unable to hold a lecture series in AY2020. Instead, we published A Hiroshima Approach to Peace Studies (Horitsu Bunka Sha, 2021), edited by the Hiroshima Peace Institute, to present an opportunity for more people to think about the issues surrounding peace.

Even now, the COVID-9 pandemic continues around the world. For those who have been waiting for our Public Lecture Series, this academic year we will hold it online. We will present five lectures on intriguing topics including nuclear issues, democracy and Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, and peace education. Please visit the webpage below, and register for our upcoming online lectures!

Advance application is required to participate. Please apply from here.