Regional Cooperation and Its Enemies in Northeast Asia: The Impact of Domestic Forces 北東アジアにおける地域協力とその障害――国内勢力が及ぼす影響

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Edited by Edward Friedman and Sung Chull Kim (Routledge, 2006)

This book is the culmination of a project conducted under the auspices of the HPI involving workshops that took place November 12-13, 2004, and May 26-28, 2005, in Hiroshima.

Northeast Asia is a region of extraordinary economic growth and dangerous tensions. This book examines how domestic politics in all the countries in the region—Japan, China, Taiwan, North and South Koreas, Russia, and the United States—are intensifying both the forces of mutually beneficial prosperity and the forces of war. It goes on to provide policy suggestions for enhancing the prospects for prosperity and inhibiting the forces of war. Describing how domestic imperatives shape foreign policies, this book will be an important contribution to the literature on Northeast Asian regionalism and prospects for future development. The table of contents of the book is presented below.

[Table of Contents]

1 Introduction (Sung Chull Kim)
2 Domestic Politics and Regional Cooperation in Southeast and Northeast Asia (Etel Solingen)
3 An Emerging Notheast Asian Community: Domestic Dimension to Consider (Haruki Wada)
4 Washington’s Policies toward North Korea and the Taiwan Strait: The Role of US Domestic Politics (T. J. Cheng)
5 Two Koreas in Northeast Asia: Linkages between Domestic, Inter-Korean, and Regional Politics (Young-Pyo Hong)
6 The Transformation of Chinese Foreign Policy (Lowell Dietmar)
7 The Fragility of China’s Regional Cooperation (Edward Friedman)
8 State Consolidation and Foreign Policy in Russia (Leszek Buszynski)
9 Mediating Geopolitics, Markets, Regionalis: Domestic Politics in Japan’s Post Cold War Relations with China (Lam Peng Er)
10 Transnational Cooperation among NGOs in Northeast Asia: From Re-Thinking Development towards Re-Thinking Security (Daehoon Lee)
11 Conclusion (Edward Friedman and Sung Chull Kim)


エドワード・フリードマン、金聖哲/編 (ラウトレッジ社、2006年)